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  >> E-services >>Student Affairs Information System (ÖİBS)
Student Affairs Information System (ÖİBS)

Student Affairs Information System (ÖİBS)

The program enables all of the procedures related with the registration of the students to be carried out within the computer medium.

In 1997, automation studies have been carried out within the context of the agreement made with Yıldız University and Hacettepe University. New programs special to these universities have been developed and the project has been offered for the use of these universities. This project allows the student admission processes be executed within computer environment.

Student Affairs Information System User Groups:

Registrar's Office
The applications, like admission of the new students, the planning of the academic semesters, the recording of the decisions given by the executive board of the faculty, the proceedings of the military service, leave of absence and disciplinary proceedings, applications for being pardoned in order to return to university and its evaluations, graduation procedures to be carried out by student affairs information system.

Academic Units
Defining the courses opened within the semester and defining their criteria via Institutes, Faculties and the Departments, appointment of the advisers,the tracking of the academic status of the students.

Faculty Staff
The entry of the student grades via interactive grading system, the approval of the courses which the students have taken from Registration System by the advisers of these students via Interactive Registration Approval System.

The defining of the courses which the students want to take within the semester, tracking of the students' academic status, tracking of the courses taken and tracking of the transcript information via interactive registration system.