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RSS Service

Announcements, events and job announcements published in METU Announcements, Events and Job Opportunities Systems may be viewed by RSS readers. For using this service, you must add the RSS addresses of METU RSS Service to RSS readers which can be web-based or installed on PC's. In this page, you can find information about how to use RSS Readers.

For detailed information about METU RSS service click here.


You can download Feedreader program from http://www.feedreader.com/ page and install it on your PC. If you have already installed it, open the program and choose "Feed" from File > New menu.



Enter the address of the RSS service that you want to be subscribed to, in the text box below the "Add feed" title on the right; and then click on "Ok" button.



Feedreader lists the RSS services that you are subscribed to on the left. As you click on one of the RSS services listed on the left, you can read the news or announcements published within that service, in expanded or list view on the right.


Mozilla Thunderbird 1.X

You can download Mozilla Thunderbird from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/thunderbird/ page (Thunderbird 1.0 and above versions have RSS support). After installation open the program and from "File > New" menu, choose "Account".

"New account setup" window will appear. Choose "RSS news & blogs" and click "Next".

Type a name for the account you want to create and click "Next".

Click "Finish" to save the account settings.

After creating the account, click the account name from the left menu. Choose "Manage subscriptions".

Click "Add" button on "RSS Subscriptions" window that appears. Type the address of the RSS feed in "Feed URL" field and click "OK".

Close "RSS Subscriptions" window.

You can see the RSS feeds that you subscribed on the left menu. As you click on the RSS feed, you can read the news or announcements published within that service, on the right.

Mozilla Firefox 1.X

Firefox 1.X versions can not automatically detect RSS feeds. Therefore an RSS feed has to be added manually as a "Live Bookmark". Copy the RSS link location. Go to "Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks" to open the Bookmarks Manager.

Click "File > New Live Bookmark".

A pop up box will appear:

Type in a name and type or paste in the RSS feed location you copied earlier. Click OK. Your RSS feed has now been created.

To view the RSS feed, go to "Bookmarks" and choose the name of the feed. Just clicking the name will produce a drop down menu of updated content via RSS. Each line within this drop down menu is a link; clicking it will take you to the relevant page.

To reload the content of RSS feed, right click on the name of the feed and select "Reload Live Bookmark".

Mozilla Firefox 2.X

After you enter the address of RSS feed to address bar of Firefox, choose "Subscribe Now" to subscribe to feed.